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A great blog statistic tool

I have been using Typepad for almost a year now. I absolutely love the service, but there is a downside. Typepads stats are not very good. However, there is an answer... Statcounter. A friend recommended that I try it out, and after a few days of use I can say it is great.

So, whatever free tool that you are using I would put Statcounter up against it. Give it a shot, I am still hopeful that Typepad will improve their stats, but until then, its Statcounter for me.

Here are some of the stats that it offers:
Popular Pages
Entry Pages
Exit Pages
Came From
Keyword Analysis
Recent Keyword Activity
Search Engine Wars
Visitor Paths
Visit Length
Returning Visits
Recent Pageload Activity
Recent Visitor Activity
System Stats
Lookup IP Address

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