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Robin and I just sat down on flight 1245 to Denver on our way to Beaver Creek/Vail for a well needed vacation. We sat down on the plane, Robin picked up American Way magazine, and what do you know....Robert Scoble on page 30. Robert, you are the man. The article was titled Blog New World and was all about business blogging. The article highlighted Mark Cuban, Jonathan Schwartz, and Scoble. Here are some great exerpts:

"Blogging empowers comsumers to climb up the chain and play other roles. A blogger does not just consume a company press release, he or she may critique it, link it to previous claims by the company, add humor and a soundtrack."

" Blogs are not for everyone. If you work at an anal-retentive company where the message has to be so, so controlled, then blog's are not for you." Steve Rubel says.

The article was good, and I recommend you reading it. But, since I am at 35,000 feet typing this on my B-Berry I can not tell you the web address. On that note, when is American Airlines going to have WiFi? And where is the web address for the magazine? How hard can that be?