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It’s on fire...

Blogging around Fellowship is spreading like wildfire! I knew it was going to catch on, but I never guessed it would catch on this fast.

Here is one of my favorite posts I have read so far.

Recently I asked all of my room pastors to create a blog for their specific children's room. Since we run about 600 to 800 kids per room per weekend (3 rooms)as well as 100 volunteers per room, I felt as if it was important to leverage technology. What we've created is a blog that not only gives our pastors a chance to minister to their "mini church" (well in most areas of the nation "large church") through a more creative form than email. This will also give our pastors more opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas with their volunteers thus building relationships that we had only dreamed of in the past. To my pastor friends who read my blog: Take hold of this idea and put it to practice in your ministry, it will break down the walls of "too busy to build quality relationships" and enable you to get closer to the very people God has placed in your life to minister to the most.

*Disclaimer: Our blogs do not replace actual one on one relationship building, but rather enhance it by giving us personal time when we aren't "in person".

Great job Mitch. I love how you are using technology to "enhance" the personal touch. To read more great post like this, visit Mitch’s blog at