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52 Leadership Tips- #30 (Just Do It)

Just Do It

Young leaders this is for you. Just do it. Forget about titles, job roles, your job description and the ladder in-front of you and...Just do it.

I get sick and tired of talking to young leaders and hearing them talking about a certain strategy or plan to move up within their organization. Or, a certain group of young leaders that are waiting on something to change, or something to fall perfectly into place before they start acting or doing what needs to be done. Stop focusing on planning, strategies, manipulation, reorganization, or whatever and just do it. If you don’t understand the game you are playing, the field that you are on, or don’t have the HR rule book in front of you forget about it. It doesn't matter, DO SOMETHING!

Thinking, planning and strategizing never got any young leader that I am aware of anywhere. You must act, you must DO SOMETHING! Young leaders you are not paid to think, plan or strategize in my opinion, that would be way too easy and a huge waste of time. Get up, stand up, and do something.