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One Year of Blogging at!

Today, June 13th, marks the day of the official launch of One year ago Scoble came by FC [link], and that really started the Blogging bonanza for me. This has been a great year of blogging and I have learned a lot. Here are some of the stats from year one.

Feedburner Subscribers: 228
Total Posts: 402
Total Comments: 808
Total Hits: 69,943
Technorati Rank: 8,420 out of 11,192,160

Here are some of the most popular posts:

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Round and Round
Home Depot vs. Lowe’s
Perry Noble, What’s Working For You?
Changing our ways at Fellowship

This has been a fun year, and I really look forward to seeing where we go from here. I really appreciate you guys reading and commenting on a regular basis. Know that I am always looking for new ideas, so if you would like to see something here please let me know about it!

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