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Want to work with me?

Well, not exactly with me, but on staff with me. Fellowship is hiring for a lot of positions. I am going to be totally honest with you, we have hardly ever hired from outside FC in the past. And, I really think that has hurt us.

Why did it hurt us? Well, we have some outstanding staff members, but since we hired 95+ percent from within we created a closed organization. There has been a perception that “you don’t have a chance” to get a job a FC.  If you thought that, you were right in the past. But now, we need to start looking beyond our walls.  We have grown to such huge numbers, and now require some OUTSTANDING leaders, and staff members.  We frankly do not need average, above average, good, or even very good, we need OUTSTANDING people.

If you are OUTSTANDING, and would like to work at Fellowship let me know. Here are a few positions that we have open, but again, it is like the NFL draft. We hire for talent, not necessarily for position.

We are currently looking for OUTSTANDING:
Campus Pastors
Worship Leaders
Children’s Pastors
Preschool Leaders
Small Group Pastors
and more...

Send me your resume, your blog or website and I will review it and forward it to my HR Director. (I/We will keep it highly confidential) Don’t even waist your time if you are not OUTSTANDING! However, I still love you.