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52 Leadership Tips- #37 (Challenge Everything)

I know that I drove my mom nuts when I was a kid because I challenged everything.  Always asking why, and never accepting the generic answers that were given.  Not only did I challenge my parents, but I also challenged my grandparents, my teachers, my coaches, my friends and for that matter, anyone that had an opinion or even a voicebox.

I can clearly remember challenging many things such as gravity, centrifugal force, and many other well know scientific proven theories. When I was a kid, I would take apart anything that I could find to see how it was made, and then try and put it back together better that it was originally designed. This was and is just a part of my DNA, a part of my personal God given design.

However, I have noticed that some of this has gone away. As we get older, we get conditioned to accept certain things as is. So, because of that, I am challenging myself to get back to my childhood of not accepting things just because. A great example for me is Reia, my 3 and 1/2 year old brilliant daughter.  I find it fascinating playing and talking to her.  She questions everything...looking at life with a wonderfully designed lens. She does not take things for face value; she wants to know more, and know why and know how, etc, etc. She has inspired me to get back to my God given DNA. Challenge Everything, Challenge Often, Challenge Openly, and Challenge with a Humble Heart!