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Really, where’s Terry?

Wow, there have been some outstanding comments on “I need words...” Thank you all for your outstanding support and prayers. I can not tell you how fired up and exited I am about my new role.

To answer some questions, I am no longer involved with Technology, Operations, HR or My entire focus is dedicated to being a Campus Pastor, and I am diving in head first. This week has been a firestorm. Meetings, after meetings after visits to Dallas, after emails after tons of phone calls. It has been nuts. There is so much to do, and I have to continually remind myself that it can not all get done in a week. (That is tough for me.)

This week in Uptown will be outstanding. Ed is kicking off a new series, and we have some great things in store for the Uptown crowd. Right now I am just tying to get settled into this role, and while that is happening there will not be a lot of posting going on.  Hang with me, I am sure that I will find my “happy place” soon.

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