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A peak into my new world

Lately you have noticed that I have not blogged much...and there is a great reason. I have so much going on, that I have not had the time, energy or really an idea of what I would blog about. So much of my time has been “just doing it”. So, I decided to give you guys a little peak into what I have been doing lately.

Here is an idea of what I have been doing:

  • Learning the in’s and out’s of being a Campus Pastor.
  • Learning how to plan and script a worship service.
  • Overcoming my nerves, and speaking from the stage.
  • Spending time with the other CP’s (Tracy and Mark) and learning.
  • Putting together a marketing plan for the campus. (huge project)
  • Meeting with my key leaders.
  • Making a ton of phone calls!
  • Learning my new Uptown staff, and making some changes.
  • Searching for Uptown office space.
  • Searching for a new Uptown church location. (Permeant and Temporary)
  • Studying to teach the Newcomers membership class.
  • Putting together some great new events for the community.
  • Getting some t-shirts made for volunteers.
  • Creating a new way to get people to let us know they were at church.
  • Putting all sorts of systems in place.
  • Learning the Dallas and Uptown area.
  • Hanging out in the Uptown area to meet people.
  • Getting my house in Corinth ready to sell.
  • Looking for great neighborhoods in Dallas to move to.
  • Wow, and so much more!

So, that is a little peak into my Campus Pastor world. I am having a blast! Oh yea, there is a big announcement coming soon as well. It is more on the personal side, but it will take some of my time as well! I am looking forward to sharing that with you all.

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