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Never Too Late

It is never too late to do the right thing. I was reminded of this recently.

To set the stage, let me just say that at Fellowship Uptown we are freaks about contacting new people and anyone who is looking to connect with us. We write tons of personal notes, letters, send emails and a lot of phone calls. There is no exception; if you are on my staff this is not an option.

Last week we discovered that at the school we meet in there is a mailbox dedicated to Fellowship. Wow...who knew? So, for over 6 months anyone and everyone who looked up our address online was sending us mail and no one knew. So, just the other day Amy handed me a handwritten note from a lady that Uptown has impacted her life in an amazing way. It was dated over 6 months ago. I was faced with a decision... throw it away and pretend it never happened because we dropped the ball, or... give her a call and come clean and look like an idiot.

Well, I immediately picked up the phone, gave her a call and shot straight with her right up front. Wow, she was great. She was shocked that I contacted her and had an amazing story. The other amazing thing is God's timing is so perfect. She really needed my phone call at that very moment, and God really spoke through me to minister to her.

This was a huge reminder to me that it is never too late to do the right thing.