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Living in the shadows

Build your personal brand.You need a “Platform!”

We live in a world that screams at us and tells us we must be noticed. We must be “the man or woman.”

Why? What’s your motive to build your personal brand? What the crap is your platform anyway!?

Your motive and your Why are critical. If the motive and focus is about you and drawing attention to yourself for your glory, for your low or clamoring self-esteem, then you must call foul.

I have personally struggled in this area, with the seeking of affirmation and attention. So much so it turned me upside down and inside out, and I found myself on the roller coaster of the pride ride.

We must move beyond the allure of the spotlight and crucify our need for credit.

It was helpful when a mentor reminded me years ago - “The fruit of your leadership and success grows on others trees.” Ultimately, there is freedom in living in the shadows.

Living in the shadows does not mean you’re not successful. It just means that the light is shining on the right person. May He get the glory.

thoughtsTerry Storch