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The Epidemic Before Our Eyes

Is there an epidemic before our eyes? Possibly, or it might be a bit of an overstatement - but it’s worth the shock I think to make a point.  Maybe it’s called the “Leader” epidemic, or the Christian “leader” epidemic. The situation I am seeing more, and more of is the extreme focus on leadership development - and minimal to no Spiritual development. Over and over I meet with and mentor wonderful men who are Christ followers, but who are struggling in all areas of life because the simple fact is, there is little to no Spiritual growth - God is NOT first in their lives. We can look around and see Christian marriages falling apart, pastors removed from leadership, pornography on the rise in and out of the church, family chaos, etc. etc. But, at the exact same time I hear over and over what leadership books pastors and Christian leaders are reading, what podcasts, what conferences...but not nearly as often what God is teaching or showing them. Please don’t misinterpret my words - leadership development is critical. Learning from books, podcasts, mentors, conferences, etc are all important. But, may I simply suggest that all of that on top of a weak and unstable foundation will come crashing down. Please, please, please build your foundation...and continue to reinforce your foundation, the rock, your relationship with our creator, the one true God...and then, build on top of it. Leadership first starts with you,  leading yourself well!! Stop the epidemic before our eyes and remember that anything we put before God...anything is an IDOL, even leadership.

thoughtsTerry Storch