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Greatest Strength / Greatest Weakness

Fifteen years ago a mentor taught me one of the most valuable lessons ever!

Terry, you need to understand that your greatest strengths are also your greatest weaknesses.  

For the past 15 years now, I imagine this topic has been discussed or internally processed about 2-3 times a week (so approx 2,000 times). It's a game changer! Take some time and wrestle with it, and you will see.

For me, Strategy and Strategic Thinking is an strength.(Strategery) It's a talent and gift I steward and am blessed with. However, it's a weakness and potential liability. I like to have things planned out, develop the strategy, a full plan. It “can” be a limiter from moving forward if I don't have the full plan figured out. I have found it can and will be a crutch for action and movement if I allow it. With that in mind I share this thought:

What is the MINIMUM AMOUNT you need to know to START? 

What is holding you back from starting what you have been wanting to start? A full plan? More research? More data points? More resources? A new day, month or year? I challenge you to try this - what is the least amount of information you need to start. Start now!


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