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Today, you will need

I have been following Austin Kleon for a while, thanks to my friend Kaleb. Austin is a brilliant writer and artist that I continually gain inspiration from around journaling. This past week I stumbled across this visual connected with Austin’s calendar. This is just brilliant, and a wonderfully simple mindset to carry into our days. Curiosity Ask a lot of questions. Keep an open mind.

Kindness - Have a heart for others. Care.

Stamina - Talent x Grind = Victory. Press on!!!

Willingness to look stupid - Check our pride at the door.

Rewind - Reflect - Respond

Like I mentioned above I have been inspired - and we all know that Inspiration needs to lead to action. Last week I wrote about the Moleskine Resurrection and it has been really great! I was able to have solid daily journals and wanted to make sure I was really learning along the way. So, on Sunday I took a few moments, maybe 15 min to go back over each day with a highlighter, and drew out the “majors” each day and then wrote those down on a section on Sunday called Rewind, Reflect, Respond. 16 items were highlighted in my rewind. I quickly reflected on these “Gladwell’s Blink” - and then crafted a paragraph Responding to the reflection, and shared it with Robin and some of my personal board of directors.  Wow...it was a powerful paragraph.  I am excited to keep this process up.

Rewind - Reflect - Respond (V1V2V3)

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