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A “Culture of Effectiveness”

Decker, Decker where have you been? If you are not reading Decker Marketing you are missing out. Sam covers the latest CMO Magazine article about the strain between marketing and IT.
Here is a snapshot of the article:

As CMO Magazine writes:

    * IT has ideas on functionality and technologies, which may or may not meet customer or business objectives.
    * Marketing typically doesn’t understand what is possible, nor seeks to understand technology.
    * IT budgets are constrained, restricting marketing who have more ideas than they have resources.
    * Each group sits in another part of the building, and rarely talk.
    * Neither marketing nor IT understand each others’ jobs or language.

Sam adds...

But at the core of the challenge between any two groups is communication and relationships.

The result? An “over the fence” interaction culture. Marketing sends requirements over the fence (or via email), and IT sends deliverables over the fence…resulting in miscommunication, missed deliverables, and blame shifting by both parties. -Amen Sam!

In my experience, effective relationships between Marketing and IT requires each side to be:

·         Informed
·         Interested
·         Accountable

But how Sam, how? [link]

Read Sam’s 10 insights of how to develop a “culture of effectiveness” between marketing and IT.

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