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A New Approach

In the 1960s Dick Fosbury changed the sport of high jumping as we know it. A somewhat unsuccessful athlete who could not compete with the stronger, more capable sportsmen opted for a new approach. Fosbury created a new technique and way of high jumping - and it stunned his coaches, other athletes and eventually the world. What was once an average at best athlete became an Olympic world record holder just a few years later. How? This new technique moved the center of mass.  Watch this 4min video before reading further. 

A New Approach
There are so many life applications that we should draw from the Fosbury Flop - and I pray that God can use this example as a way for you to seek a new approach. 

You see, so often we can find ourselves in a routine and “way of doing things” that can be the core problem. Bringing the same thinking, problem-solving and approach can and will lead to a drop in results over time.  Even with the best intentions, a growth mindset, regular tweaking, pushing, and improving we can still find ourselves needing a new approach. I believe it looks something like this:


Growth follows pushing, improving and tweaks...then a stall happens. Typically the observant person feels the lack of momentum or the stalling of progress. The dip will surely follow and the common effort, tweaks and approaches are no longer as effective as before. It's time for a new approach. 

This model applies in so many areas of our lives. Take a moment and think about your situations and what you are walking through right now. Where do you need a "Fosbury Flop" idea? A new way of thinking!? A different perspective?! 

Dig in, and apply a new approach today.