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What is it?  The world will tell you that money, power and greed will bring it to you. That the harder you work, the closer you get to the top of the ladder, and the more hours you spend away from home will also help you achieve it. It also tells you to devour anything or anyone that could get in your way. It says don’t worry about lying, cheating or stealing, these will actually bring you closer to it.  It deceives you by telling you your marriage is not as important as it is, that if you have me you don’t need anything else. It manipulates you into putting it first above everything else. And the world will tell you that when you think you have it, hold on because you earned it, you concurred what few have and no one can take it away.

But the world does not tell you the fine print. The print that is written in blood.  It reads:

If you follow these worldly rules of success I can guarantee the outcome. Nothing in this world can provide you success. But, if you focus on me in Heaven, look up to me for answers to all your questions, look in my book for truth, and always keep your eyes on my son,  your definition of success will change. You will understand that the money in your pocket,  the cars in your garage, the children in their bed, and all you have is not yours. It’s mine, so take good care of them. Take care of my money that I put in your pocket. Take care of my cars that are in the garage. Take care of my children that are resting in the other room. Take care of them, my son, because tomorrow they could be gone. Son, don’t forget my greatest commandment, above all else, love me, your God, with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Remember, you are successful, you know me and please me, for this is true success.

Terry Storch - Feb 1999

Terry Storch