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Train Them Up


Three days until Christmas, and ten days until 2018. Time keeps on ticking...and on that topic, this last Saturday highlights that best for me. My oldest daughter Reia was born on Christmas Eve in 2001, which completely feels like yesterday. The excitement of our first child, not knowing if it will it be a boy or girl. Will it be Brendon Todd Storch or Reia Faith Storch? We did not know. Well, Reia it was and just last Saturday that same Reia who was born just yesterday bought her first car.

For nearly three years Reia has been saving her money for her first car. Robin and I match her savings up to $5,000 total dollars. We landed on $5k because we felt like that was enough money to buy a safe and reliable first car. So, technically speaking, the girls can spend whatever they want on a car, but we will only match up to 5k. Reia has been babysitting for years, as well as working at the gymnastics gym as a coach. I am so proud of her work ethic and commitment to savings, as well as her consistent tithing along the way.

Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.
— Proverbs 22:6

As parents, we work hard at living out Proverbs 22:6. We are not perfect, or honestly anywhere close, but it’s our goal. Reia and I have been talking about finances and investing for many years. I am excited when she turns 16 in just a few days we will have a new focus for her now that the car goal is done. We will open an investment account for her, and we will fund it with 500 dollars with one stipulation...80/10/10. We fund your account with 500 dollars for free if you commit to living the 80/10/10 principle. Tithe 10%, Invest 10% and live on 80%. She accepted!

Update: After I wrote this...Reia's car got backed into while parked on the street (pic). :( Major bummer. Long story short, the guy who did it fessed up and looks like his insurance is going to handle everything. But man, a bummer for Reia to deal with in just a few days of car ownership. Oh yea, and we replaced a battery as well. Yea, welcome to life! 

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