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Our First and Best


According to research, our brains are best the first 2-3 hours of the day. With 24 hours in a day, the simple math is the first 10% of the day we are the sharpest. The first 10%. 

Take a moment and evaluate your first 2-3 hours of your day. What are you doing? Where is your time going? Are you maximizing your best? 

For me, I desire to invest and get the biggest return on investment with my time. I apply that principle well beyond time - but that’s another post altogether. 

Let me take a moment and draw us to the principle of the tithe. All we have is from God; we are the stewards of His blessings, and He asks is we bring 10% to the storehouse, the local church. We bring our tithe, 10% and we keep the rest, the blessed 90%. 

God has over and over and over shown me He will do more with 90% than I could ever do with 100%. It’s faith lived out with our finances. 

Back to the first 2-3 hours of our day. 10% of your time. Where is it going? 

For me, this also plays out to be true. As I dedicate more and more of my time first to God, I continue to see His blessings in great ways. 

I don’t read the Bible, pray and journal for 2-3 hours each morning...but I have worked over the last few years to spend on average 1.5 hours doing this every morning, first thing with my coffee. Then I transition to creating, writing, and planning my day. Bringing my best self to creating and then planning the day. This happens between 4:45am-7:15am.

The first few hours of the day our minds are the sharpest and the best. Evaluate where you are using your best mind, does it align with your mission, goals, and desires? Take control, and start investing your best with the best. I guarantee you will see a difference. 

Terry Storch