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Pain Before Process


I am strategic. Every time I have taken Strengthsfinder, Strategic is in my top 3.

Sidebar: My strengths are Command, Maximizer, Strategic, Futuristic, Significance. 

Being strategic is a gift, it’s a blessing. However, over time I have learned a downside of being Strategic. The downside is, I like process. I like a clear and connected pathway of how we are going to get from here, to there. A-Z comes relatively easy to me. When I see the path in my mind, I can easily wind through complexity and map out a pathway with little effort. 

All sounds good, right? Not so fast. 

History is the great educator. It has shown me the importance of embracing the messy and complicated. Mistakes have taught me that more often than not, we need to embrace the pain of challenges before we build systems and processes to make things better. Embracing the pain reveals a better view of the problem, which in turn produces a better solution and outcome.

Allow pain to broaden and sharpen your perspective. A full and broad perspective will lead to a better process and solution. 

Pain before process!

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